late MDS


So I am really new at MDS's and learning as I go. The first 2 weeks in the position I worked the floor as well as learning in the office. Well I thought I was doing good lol and found a MDS re- entry that had not been finalized. We use Matrix care. So I finalized it and transmitted it but it was marked late. This resident passed away a day or two later so I had to do a death one. When I run report it shows that the death one is late but has been processed and accepted. I don't know why it is showing up like that or if its going to show up like that forever. We are in our state window what does state usually do with late MDS's?



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The Entry and Death should be transmitted within 14 days. Habitual late transmission may flag but 1 or 2 occurrences may not. I suggest document and acknowledge the error and a plan to avoid future mistakes.