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Last post on pre-nursing, I was Accepted!


I was accepted! Thanks everyone who has helped me on these boards by answering questions, offering support and even just making me laugh when I was stressed out. I'm moving up to the nursing students boards now : ) Good luck to all those who are still working their way up. Allnurses,and all those who use it make it easier and remind you that it's hard sometimes for everyone but it's all worth it when you get that letter. :D:nurse:

TheSquire, DNP, EMT-B, APN, NP

Specializes in Urgent Care NP, Emergency Nursing, Camp Nursing. Has 10 years experience.

Don't say "never" too quickly - you'll be back to offer "sage advice" later.


I'm new here, but I love it here. This site is awesome! I'm 17 and going to university to study Child Nursing and I hope to get my degree and my Bachelor's of Science Degree :D


I just applied yesterday to Calgary for their degree holder program! So very excited. =D