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Last minute TEAS study tips

by a.camp816 a.camp816 (New) New

Taking my TEAS V tomorrow at 10. It's pretty important I score above average, the last year has been rough and that's definitely reflected in my GPA. I didn't have the cash for the study guide when it would have done me some good, so I've been trying to study off of free sites, but I'm not sure how reliable most of them are. So far it seems like my biggest struggle will be the science portion. I've always done well on English and Reading so I'm not worried about those. Math isn't my strongest subject but for the most part I think I've got a decent grasp on what's asked on the test. Any last minute tips? Any super secret study hang outs that I should know about? TIA :)

Hey. I plan on taking my teas exam in the beginning of April. I bought the ATI book for the exam and studied the whole entire book. I hope I'm covered. If you don't mind me asking, how did it go?