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Las Vegas Trauma

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I'd like to hear from local nurses in LV which facilities see the biggest, baddest, juiciest trauma patients?

Is it UMC?

I am soon applying to Las Vegas hospitals and my guilty pleasure is fast-paced, high stress, critical trauma patients. I'd like to find myself in the emergency department. Currently ICU.

Besides UMC which facility gets the most trauma?

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Hi there, i recently moved to vegas and have similar interests as you nursing-wise. I would love to compare notes on jobs/etc if you're interested but i made this account to contact you so i can't send PMs yet. I currently work PD in UMC's TICU and would advise against sunrise, it has a terrible reputation especially their trauma ICU from what i've heard personally. UMC also has a much larger referral area and a standalone trauma floor which contains their own resus unit, OR, TICU, IR, and CT which is pretty sweet. There are of course cons to go with all of those pros, the hospital is definitely not perfect.

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