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Lanier technical college fall 2020 Oakwood campus


Just wondering if anyone here applying for the PN programme at lanier tech Oakwood campus for Fall 2020?

Hello! I applied and got in. Did you apply?

I did but unfortunately, I wasn't selected. my GPA was 3.81 and I got 72.7 on TEAS. If you don't mind Diana what was your GPA and TEAS score. Planning to retake the TEAS

Im sorry to hear that. I have 3.8 and an 82.7. Good luck to you. Im sure you will get in soon. Also, know that many many people go through at least 1 no before they get a yes. Thats certainly my case!

Thanks 😉 will certainly be in for Spring .... CONGRATS wish you more success

Hi all, I was selected for lanier tech forsyth ASN 2021. How is the program so far?