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Langara Nursing Prerequisite Courses

Caitiek Caitiek (New) New

Hi everyone. I am enrolled at Langara where I am working towards applying for the nursing program, but I have to complete the prerequisite courses first. I was wondering if anyone has had difficulty getting into the BIOL 1190 and BIOL 1191 courses. I am waiting for my registration time, and I can already see that there are only a few spots left. I also noticed that BIOL 1191 was completely full, with only two course offerings with roughly 40 people on the waitlist. I'm wondering if it is even worth it to enrol in BIOL 1190 if I don't stand a chance getting into BIOL 1191 the following term. Since both Biology and Anatomy courses have to completed at the same institution for it to count, should I look elsewhere? Is there anyway to get priority for BIOL 1191?


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