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Landstuhl Germany


I have recently separated from the Air Force and my husband is still active duty and we just got orders to Ramstein! Amazing because that was our first base and now we have a little son to take back with us so it will be so fun! I start an LPN/LVN school in about a week and it is a 12 month program so my son and I will be staying a few months after my husband so I can finish school. I am then hoping to get a job at LRMC because I would LOVE to work with the wounded warriors and I think it would be a great experience for my first nursing job...

Does anybody have any experience with that area? I looked on usajobs and it shows they hire LPNs but I know a lot of hospitals are phasing it out... also do you know of maybe education opportunities there? I want to be an RN but I signed up for this program because I knew my husband would be getting orders soon and I didn't want to have to leave in the middle of nursing school... any information or advice would be greatly appreciated!!

thank you :)