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I'm so desperate for information! My significant other is moving abroad for work within the next year. I will be a recent graduate of a BSN program in the US and I'm looking for civilian nursing work at Landstuhl Medical Facility. I've been looking on USAjobs for openings, but I won't be able to get abroad until May 2016. So, I'm not exactly sure when I should start applying for positions. Also, I'm going to be talking to a recruiter in a few weeks and currently work at a VA hospital and am asking anyone and everyone for information or someone to contact abroad.

My questions I guess are: Where to begin!? When to apply? Any tips for applying? I've emailed so many people from the Landstuhl website and haven't gotten a response. If anyone knows someone I can get in contact with to learn more information about civilian nursing, that would be really really great.

Also, internships at Landstuhl, if anyone has information on that! Not sure if they are paid, or what the position entails. I just saw a blurb about internships today on their website - but they didn't expand much on the topic.

Thank you in advance!



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I applied to Landstuhl a couple of years ago in response to an ad on USAJobs requesting neonatal nurses. I sent in my resume but never heard back. So I called them. I spoke with the head of nurse recruiting. He told me that they use a computerized scanner to look at resumes. If the computer didn't pick up a certain percentage of key words they were looking for, then the computer would not forward it on to a human being to read (no kidding). So I sent my resume in again (13 pages in all to contain all the sorts of info that they were looking for). THen I followed up with a phone call. They said that they had received my resume and would have to wait until the nurse who was thinking of quitting told human resources before they could announce which candidates they would contact. Didnt hear back from them and I ended up getting another job.

Haven't heard of any one else being successful at this.