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Landed first RN job a week out of school


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I did, what was apparently the intelligent thing last summer and worked as a CNA for the small hospital of the town where my husband moved to right after I started school. I graduated on June 21st and actually received a call from the DON of where I worked offering me a nursing job in the care center. I haven't even gotten my ATT because Montana BON wants my official transcripts with degree conferred, which was only sent out last week, and I start my orientation on Wednesday. In addition to this, the hospital is looking to expand their OB department. When I mentioned this was my dream specialty, my boss had me talk to the DON of the hospital. I get to train in OB as well. This actually makes me so happy. I was worried in moving to a small town that I would not be able to get into this field. All I can say is that small towns are amazing and getting my foot in the door early really paid off.

DLewis.RN2b, BSN

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