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lady of lourdes ( OLOL) NJ Questions for interview/ contract sign?

I am a NJ BSN RN graduate and I have my first interview at Our Lady Of Lourdes in Willingboro New Jersey for a med surg part time position. I am beyond excited! My first question is do you have to sign a contract to start working with our lady of lourdes as a new grad rn. I was offered a position that required a 2 year sign on but i truly wasnt interested in the unit so i declined the offer. I am really hoping this is not the case with OLOL. Secondly, has anyone interviewed at OLOL in willingboro? If so could you share your experiance. I am incredibly nervous and have been searching for a job for quite some time so really hoping i get this position! Any advice on interview prep would be well appreciated! :D

ckh23, BSN, RN

Has 6 years experience. Specializes in ER/ICU/STICU.

I work there now per diem in the ICU. I do not know off hand if they are requiring time commitments. I'm sure this will come up in your interview, if it doesn't than ask them about.

take the position contract or no contract. hospital positions are hard so hard to come by rite now especially as a new grad and u are very lucky to get a job offer.


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