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lacharity book


I just received my lacharity book from the library I borrow it and need to turn it back by April 27 I would like to know what was helpful the most the chapters or the case studies to focus on that before I ran out of time and return it , thanks I would appreciate any advices :)

PRACTICE questions and the case studies as well the score you get with this book pre-dicts.were you are actually and wat weak areas you have

Hello. I never answered the case study questions. Actually I never even looked at those chapters. The most helpful were the other chapters and take your time with them. You have plenty of time to complete the chapters until the 27th but don't just answer them to complete them before the date. Make sure you understand the questions, the choices, and always read the rationales. Even if you got them correct. You will learn a lot from this book. Best of luck to you!

Thanks a lot for the advice :)