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Lab simulation

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Has anybody had to do a lab simulation for WGU for a competency assessment? If so, what is it like. I have to do a lab assessment simulation for med-surg and I do not know what to expect.

Thank you

The Simulation will be similar to CASAL II where you will practice group simulation according to the virtual labs you did. On your actual sim lab test, you will be given an SBAR, with medications to give such as an IV antibiotic and oral meds, as well as, a skill like wound dressing. So if you're given wound dressing you have to verbalize the stage, drainage if any, redness, warmth, etc. remember patient safety always.

Good Luck!

If I am correct, one thing that I do know is that I believe something will happen and I will have to call the doctor.

Thank you

Do you have any suggestions on how to successfully pass the CASAL 2 performance assessment

Is that med-surg? If so, I pretty much passed it by watching all of simplenursing.com videos. It helped me tremendously. It was way too much info to read.