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Lab order protocols?


Specializes in Diabetes Education.

We are working on setting up a better policy, protocol, or standing order set for lab orders for people with diabetes. Are issue in our facility is that there is NO set policy, some patients get timely labs, but don't always get all the orders they need or should, providers all have different ideas, and etc. etc. etc.

Our providers are in favor of setting up a set system of making sure our patients have the orders for consistent A1C, metabolic profiles, lipids, and micro albumin, its just that no one has ever taken the time to set any guidelines..so that is where I come in.

What do you all do in your clinics to make sure patients get their "routine" labs consistently. I realize some of this falls on the patient, but first the provider must be consistently furnishing lab orders. What has worked? What hasn't worked?

Thanks for any information, I am sure this could help others, as well!

classicdame, MSN, EdD

Specializes in Hospital Education Coordinator.

please refer to the ADA clinical guidelines for in-patient care. It is a free download on their website.