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LA County PHN Process


Hi everyone!

I am currently in the process of applying for a PHN position at LA County. PHN is my dream job and at the moment it is difficult to find a career in that path. I worked in the acute care telemetry unit for 6 months but I know that my true passion is public health nursing and primary prevention! I already applied this week and am awaiting for my examination schedule and details. I don't know exactly how LA County does their hiring process, but in the job posting it states that there are 3 examinations.

Can anyone please give me some tips on the process of getting hired at LA County? What is the exam and interview like? Are the exams difficult? I've been doing some practice questions online that they provided but they are kind of difficult, which is a big surprise! It would be really helpful if you replied! Thank you so much!


Specializes in Home Health, Palliative Care.

Hi telealli,

Did you get the job? Can you share the process with me. Thanks