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LA City College now taking LVN-RN students for this summer


I just got back from LA City College. They are looking for LVN's for their Lvn-Rn bridge this summer. The lady I turned my stuff into said if they got enough applicants (they are shooting for 25) they would have the program this summer.

Anyone interested should go to the mandatory information session this Wed the 25th from 4:00-5:30 pm in the science building room 132. You need to bring copies of your transcripts, high school diploma, teas test results, and a 300 word essay about why you want to be a RN.

You also need to make copies and bring the original of: your drivers license, Lvn license, and social security card. They will have a counselor there to review your stuff and hand out applications if you meet the criteria.

I applied to their Generic ADN program. Glad to see LVNs will also have a chance.

To anyone who goes to the info session: get there early or right on time! They turned away people from our info session because they were late. They don't mess around.

Good luck to you all.

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