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L&D preceptorship

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Hello everyone! 

I was incredibly Lucky and the only student in my class to land the L&D preceptor spot. This is my dream job. However, it has been since about 2018 in my LPN program when I learned all the maternity stuff. I have about 1.5 weeks until I start (I know not much time) but I wanted to ask for advice from others on what I should try to get a quick grasp on and just any advice in general. I am incredibly nervous. 

I know I should look up common meds on the floor like pit, hemabate, mag sulfate etc. BUBBLE for assessment, shoulder dystocia, placenta previa and abrupto, HELLP, pre eclampsia, eclampsia. EFM and accelerations/decels, practicing around the house to measure dilation. 

Any input in appreciated, thank you! 🙂

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I'm 1 of 2 that got L&D preceptorship in my program! I've been going through my power points from last semester but I also got this pocket guide below which is awesome and I highly recommend!