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L&D pearls of wisdom

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by vastudent09 vastudent09 (Member) Member

vastudent09 has 2 years experience and specializes in GICU-WE GET IT ALL.

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So I will be transferring to L&D from Icu in January. I was wondering if everyone would be willing to share their "pearls of widom" that they've learned through their L&D experience. Things that you feel like are imperative to know/do to be a successful L&D nurse. Things you've learned from or things you want/expect a new L&D nurse to do!


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klone has 13 years experience as a MSN, RN and specializes in Women's Health/OB Leadership.

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Remember what to do for intrauterine resuscitation:

Position change

Fluid bolus

Turn off pit

Vag exam

Give terb if necessary

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ellehcim specializes in Women's Services.

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A late's a late no matter how great.

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QTBabyNurse has 18 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Obstetrics/Case Management/MIS/Quality.

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the degree of outward demonstration of pain does not always directly correlate to the amount of cervix dilation. sometimes your quietest patient needs to be watched the closest!

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tablefor9 has 16 years experience as a RN and specializes in ICU, Home Health, Camp, Travel, L&D.

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1. See above for intrauterine resuscitation, and believe what they tell you in Principles and Practices.

2. Lates and accels don't walk hand in hand.

3. If you've got to hang your hat on something, make it variability in your strip.

4. Never stop learning...and join AWHONN.

5. These births aren't about us. The make or break moment for our shift may

be the moment of a lifetime for our patients.

6. Keep your hands to yourself and your vag exams to a minimum.

7. First babies don't fall out (usually...)

8. See the list of reads stickied at the top of this forum.

9. Listen to your patient. If she says the baby's coming...it doesn't matter if you just checked her and she was 5 cm.

10. Never lose your sense of awe. We have an amazing job, and all cynicism aside, how many people get to watch miracles every day?

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