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KPU: Fall 2020 BSN Intake

by bees222 bees222 (New) New

Hey! Anyone else applying to the Fall 2020 BSN intake at KPU??

Thought I would start a thread so we can help each other out. Especially with everything going on and school being closed right now.

Hey I am planning on applying for the next intake (Sept 2021)! Do you know how soon/early you can apply? I am finishing up my human anatomy and physiology with BCIT at the moment. 

Hey I saw that there’s a facebook page for the 2020 BSN intake

it was posted on health foundations group on facebook they made another private group 


I also plan to declare after next semester but it’s really competitive GPA? 

do you guys know how high it’s going to be ? Also do you guys know the GPA cut off for the BPN program


Im having trouble finding volunteer experience because of covid 19  😕

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