do you know what is license to practice?

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hello. I'm korean. but I'm planning to study nursing in poland in english.

because of affordable tuition.

and right after graduation, I want to work as a nurse in U.K or malta or Ireland.

so I searched some university in poland

1.Polonia University nursing
3.vicent pol university

I'm not sure they are good or proper university.

and they will give me license to practice. 

they said like this

after graduation, I will get license to practice? YES.  or official poland nurse license? To practice in here you would need to pass an exam. But if you want to work abroad, it's not required. You will be issued a license. 


do you know what it means?

after graduation I can only be a nurse assistant in U.K not a registered nurse?


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In your last post you were going to study in Malaysia because it's cheap. Now you want to study in Poland because it's cheap.

I know nothing about this Polish BSc program but I would just say beware about doing a nursing program in a country where you don't speak the language. Even if the tuition is in English where will your practical placements be? In Polish hospitals? Where the patients speak....Polish?! Don't be fobbed off if they tell you it's OK, you're learning the technical skills. You need to develop communication skills in a nursing program and it's no good, for example, just learning the mechanics of passing an NG tube or a urinary catheter without being able to communicate with the patient you're doing it to.

Contact the nursing body of the country you want to practise in (for example the NMC for the UK ) since only they will be able to tell you if the Polish degree will be recognised for practice in the UK.

Isn't your best bet to train in an anglophone country? Or train in Korea and then transfer your qualification with an English proficiency test? If cost is an issue you may have to consider working part time alongside your studies - a tough call but sadly many student nurses have to do this nowadays.

Good luck.

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I have just looked again at this one:

Note the phrase "you will practise in well-equipped labs" and look at the photo- they're working on a dummy.

Without the hours of practice with real patients I'm pretty sure you won't meet the requirements to practise as a registered nurse. These seem to be BSc programs without the attached RN or qualivalent qualification to go with it that allows you to actually work as a nurse. Check with the NMC but my gut instinct says don't do it.

Also that student is performing a sterile procedure, posing a urinary catheter, whilst holding on to the not very sterile cot side of the bed. Fine on a dummy but you're in trouble if you catheterise a real patient like that.

There is this cynical saying in English that universities want backsides on seats. They want your money - check them out very carefully.

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