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Knee replacement

Disabilities   (199 Views 2 Comments)
by martymoose martymoose (Member)

martymoose works as a rn.

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Hi I'll try to keep this short.

Recent herniated disc blew 6weeks of disability. 

I also need a knee replacement.

Still thinking I won't be able to do floor nursing. Also not sure if remaining 6weeks disability will be enough

Should I do the replacement?

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dianah has 43 years experience as a ADN and works as a Cath Lab/Stress Lab/Cardiology Case Management.

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Hello.  What a predicament!  

Per the Terms of Service, no one on this forum may give medical advice.  It seems any words of wisdom would be empty without a knowledge of your medical condition and needs (present and future), combined with the physical requirements of your position (which only you would know).

Please consult your PMD and weigh all factors involved before arriving at your decision.

We wish you all the best.

Closing this thread now.


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