Thoughts on Galen college of Nursing

  1. I am currently attending Spencerian's LPN program and absolutely hate how unorganized it is. I am wanting to do the LPN bridge at Galen. Can anyone who is a student there tell me anything about the school? Would you recommend it or not, and why? How long did it take you to find a job after graduating?
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  3. by   krltdy
    I am getting ready to graduate the LPN program. I really like Galen, however, at times it has seemed disorganized, but not too terribly disorganized. 99.9% of the instructors have been fantastic. The other instructor was a great instructor, and very caring, but I just couldn't hear them during lecture. All-in-all, I've had a wonderful experience, and I highly recommend Galen
  4. by   CaitlinAnn
    I'm a 2nd quarter LPN and I absolutely love it. Most instructors I've had so far are pretty organized. The one instructor I had that wasn't you shouldn't have, since I think her only lecture class is for 1st quarter LPN. One teacher I did have who moved to the RN program was absolutely wonderful, and if you have him you'll probably love him.