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  1. Anyone have any advice about the Spencerian ADN Online Program. They have just opened it back up and I am submitting my application. Just wondering if there are any other grads that have some info. Any and all would be much appreciated!! Thanks so much in advance my fellow nurses!
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  3. by   KLYx0327
    Is the ADN program entirely online?????
  4. by   P_RN
    Students who want to become enrolled in the Spencerian College Associate Degree Nursing program online must meet all admission requirements for the College and for the program. In addition, online candidates must be in one of the two following groups:
    1. Live in or near the Louisville, Kentucky, campus in order to attend the lab and clinical experiences in Louisville, Kentucky, each week of the courses
    2. Be part of a group that is "sponsored" by a local facility in your area. A "sponsoring" facility is one that contracts with Spencerian College to:
      1. [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Provide space for the clinical experience for medical-surgical, pediatric, obstetrical, and psychiatric for each student
      2. [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Provide space or have an agreement with a local high school or other facility for laboratory use for anatomy and physiology and microbiology
      3. [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Provide qualified faculty to Spencerian College that meet the Kentucky Board of Nursing regulations for faculty.
    I hope this is the Spencerian you are referring to.
    Spencerian College Louisville
  5. by   NurseT533
    Yes it is entirely online ..except for labs every Sat. 8a-12noon and ...Clinicals 3-11pm once a week
  6. by   mammaoftwo
    I thought Spencerian lost their RN program? That is what I was told recently by an LPN that graduated from there.
  7. by   mammaoftwo
    OK, I found out Spenciarn got their RN program reinstated. Also going to be offering it online as well as Galen Nursing School.
  8. by   shule
    how about excelsior college
  9. by   lamielpn
    I got ZERO reply from Galen when I requested info from them.
  10. by   mammaoftwo
    Did you go to Galens web site? I found they respond quicker there.
  11. by   Franksters
    Be very careful about your choice. Spencerian costs a fortune and had a dismal passing rate. The few nurses I've hired from there say it was awful. I have heard they have a strong LPN program. If you live locally, check into IVY Tech. They have a great program.

    Also, Galen is super expensive. I've heard mixed results about Galen.
  12. by   BBFRN
    I have yet to hear something positive about Spencerian from former LPN-RN students. I agree that you might want to check out Ivy Tech (long waiting list, though), Galen, and Excelsior.
  13. by   NurseT533
    ok so i decided not to for go the spencerian ADN program...just b/c of all the bad reviews i heard from it..and im pretty happy about that choice..but i really feel like its my time to finally go back to school...I talked to Galen around Nov-Dec of last year and they told me that by the end of this year they would have an "official" online curriculum (spell check?) for LPN-RN's. I was really excited to hear that!! so hopefully they will get that up and running..anyone heard anything on how its comming along???
  14. by   CLH87
    I am currently an ADN (online) student with Spencerian and I do not recommend this school. Many current students are talking about going to another school, because Spencerian's program needs a lot of help. The KBN shut them down for a reason, and at the time I was upset, but now I understand why. Had I known there would be so many problems, I would not have entered. Please don't waste your time or money (it's very, very expensive). I'm sure the KBN will shut them down again in the near future.

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