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Anyone have any advice about the Spencerian ADN Online Program. They have just opened it back up and I am submitting my application. Just wondering if there are any other grads that have some info.... Read More

  1. by   NurseLKY
    I graduated from Galen both LPN and ADN. Just so you know as of right now Galen is not regionally accredidated. This means if you want to continue to BSN no school will take their credits. Galen does not tell you this. I have been fighting with Galen and colleges around the country for about 6 months. Indiana Weselyn is allowing me to go there but if Galne does not get accredidated by the time I graduate I have to take all my gen ed classes over. Galen said they could be fully accredidated by 2008 but they say a lot of things. I do not reccomend that school.
  2. by   mammaoftwo
    What a shame! I am so glad I decided not to attend Galen. The price was what kept me from going. I have met several LPN's that graduated from Galen and going back there for the RN Program. I will just stick with JCC here in Louisville.
  3. by   NurseT533
    hey mama of 2...does JCC have evening options once in the "nursing program"???? what about for the pre req's???
  4. by   mammaoftwo
    To NurseT533, I don't believe there are evening options once admitted to the nursing program. The pre-reqs for Rn are, CNA certification, CPR certified, Biology 137, Math 110 or 150, and Psy 110. They do use a points system, so the more general education classes that you have out of the way and higher your gpa is, the better likelihood of getting in.

    The LPN pre-reqs are the CNA certification and CPR. That's it. I am taking some of the required classes for the LPN this semester without officially being admitted. I have submitted my application packet for the Fall 07 LPN Classes. I still haven't decided yet if I will go that route if I am admitted. I still am considering going for the RN, however, I am still thinking this over. The LPN Program admits 30 students twice a year. I should hear in March if I got in or not.

    If you have any other questions, just ask me and I will try to help you.
  5. by   travel soon
    For those wandering about excelsior college of new york. I obtained several credits toward my ADN from them but I chose to use/buy books through one of the many programs who act as if you only have to deal with them(everyone has gotten some of these postcards in the mail, such as college network for example) anyway their study materials are good but you are only going to recieve study material, because excelsior is the REAL college. If you are interested in doing something like this just call excelsior or visit their online site. Those study materials are good but very very expensive and you still have to pay excelsior to test and the clinicals are around 1700.00 for the 2 and 1/2 day test. I chose to finish mine at Morehead because I didn't like the idea that after spending so much for clinicals it would really be in their best intrest if you didn't pass. I mean, why pass everyone if you could get them to pay another $1700.00 to test again. That is just my opinion, there are a lot of good things about them because like the fact that I tested out of enough to have 42 credits within a 5 month period. (But I felt like I should go through another year of clinicals as I haven't worked in nursing in a year or so.) It really just depends on how good you are at motivating yourself and teaching yourself. Sorry to be so long winded but I know what it is like to be so confused as to what to do. If anyone wants to know about excelsior or the study materials please feel free to email me anytime.
  6. by   RNof2008
    I am currently in the day program. It's very hard just stay focus and give it your all and you will do fine.
    Quote from NurseT533
    Anyone have any advice about the Spencerian ADN Online Program. They have just opened it back up and I am submitting my application. Just wondering if there are any other grads that have some info. Any and all would be much appreciated!! Thanks so much in advance my fellow nurses!
  7. by   Conqueror+
    Any recent info on spencerian ?
  8. by   CLH87
    I left Spencerian. The program is sooo unorganized! I wasn't learning anything, just doing the work to get by. Some of the instructors don't really care, and when you try to ask questions, they make you feel stupid. I have a few friends who are still in the program and things have gotten really bad. They are having serious problems. There is talk of a class-action law suit when they get done. The KBN really should shut them down. I wouldn't recommend this program to anyone and it's really sad, because years ago when I graduated from their LPN program, it was one of the best in the state.