Provisional license and DUI

  1. I know there are a bazillion questions on this site regarding DUI's.. my main question is how long did it take you to get your provisional license if you have a DUI on your record? I had one 8 years ago and was just trying to get an idea of when I would get it. I applied about a month ago, and have sent in all court documents along with the letter of explanation. I have called KBN and they can't really give me any information. I was offered a job and just need to give them an idea of when I can start working.

    Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
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  3. by   miss_V
    I was wondering how this process went for you? I too am applying for licensure in the state of Kentucky and I have a DUI from 5 years ago. How long did it take? Did you have to meet with a committee from the board?

    Any info is appreciated, Thanks!!!