Pls help I cant decide which program to choose!

  1. I am having a very hard time with deciding which nursing program to start this coming Fall class 2013. I have so far narrowed down my choices between Midway and BCTC.
    I would much appreciate it if anyone who is in these programs or attended them could share with me their experiences. I want to choose the program where I can have the best experience and be helped to become a great nurse for the future.

    Even if did not attend any of these programs please leave comments about your work experiences with other nurses who come out of these programs.

    Thank you so much for your comments!!!
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  3. by   sarabinsky
    I have always heard that Midway has the better program but it is much more expensive and is harder to get into. Have you been accepted to both?
  4. by   ryr3820
    yes I have been accepted to both.
  5. by   sarabinsky
    If you do a search of BCTC and scroll down there is thread already started called "Which School to choose". It might give you some more insight.

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