Owensboro community and technical college nursing program

  1. I have a question about octc's ADN program. Is this happening anywhere else? If you miss three classes, they force you to withdraw. To get back in, you have to jump through hoops and get two full time faculty to write you letters of recommendation for readmission. I was forced to withdrawal from second semester because of a missing paper. Now, no instructors will write me a letter. I have one letter, but the other three instructors will not write me a letter and will not give me a reason. I have not been in trouble, don't think I have made anyone mad at me. I'm clueless. One instructor flat of said no, the other says she can't write me a letter at this time. Any ideas? I have respectfully asked for an explanation, but have gotten no response. Please help! Without these letters, I have to go elsewhere and start over. Henderson requires the two letters to transfer there. Madisonville doesn't but I would have to repeat first semester since the curriculum is so different. Any other colleges do this to nursing students?
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