NW KY and Southern IL

  1. I will moving to this area soon. I would love some information concerning ease of getting a job as a RN with limited experience, patient ratios, hospital reputations, pay rate, and anything else you can tell me. My husband will be going to school but his family will be living nearby so not sure yet where we will be living. Thank you!
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    Best wishes on the upcoming move. Carbondale is (as you probably know) a very nice college town. I live in central IL and the job situation is okay for RNs.

    Although I can't answer your specific question, we are the largest peer to peer nursing site and someone else will be along to help you!
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    Just an update in case anyone else is looking...
    It is very easy to find a job. The pay isn't great but actually did improve after a few months due to hospital wide raises.
    The patient ratios are pretty awful. I work in a critical care unit and regularly take 3 patients. I have had 7 patients in med-surg and 6 patients in cardiac step down unit.
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