JCC Louisville- How difficult is it to get in LPN-RN program?

  1. I am interested in JCC's LPN to RN program, and I know that their GPA requirement is only a 2.75, but does anyone know exactly how difficult it is to get into their bridge program?
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  3. by   CaitlinAnn
    I go to Galen and I know a lot of my fellow classmates transferred from JCC because of the wait time and competition. Its so difficult to get into their programs that along with waiting to have to get pre-reqs and being eager to get their degrees, they decided to go to Galen instead. I had the same worries at IvyTech, so decided to go to Galen too.

    To be fair, my experience is with LPN students only. It may be easier to get into the bridge.
  4. by   KlassicNurse
    I would say that its not that hard to get into, I persoanlly have received acceptance to the program 2 years in a row and my G.P.A is a 2.89... I attended the orientation meeting for LPN to Rn and turned in all the information and was accepted in March... Don't listen to what other peoples experinces are, Create your own experience and complete your Goal...

    Good Luck