1. Anyone working for Human right now? I have a one year critical care experience with a BSN and a business degree. I know that they are looking for RN case managers, clinical advisors and other nursing related roles. I want to know about their starting pay, the job descriptions (complexity of them), what softwares I will be using and etc. I heard that some case managers work at home 50% of the time. That would be wonderful for me because I hate the commute to downtown Louisville.
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  3. by   amm80
    I work at Humana right now and they do offer WAH (work at home) positions for RN's. They have 100% WAH positions available. From what I've heard many of the nurses make around $45-55,000 /yr. They have a wide variety of positions available for RN's. I'm actually going to continue working through nursing school and then move into one of the WAH RN roles after graduation and then pick up a weekend shift at an area hospital - that's my plan to pay back my school loans within a year or two. I hope it works!!!