EKU BSN Admission

  1. I am applying for next falls BSN program and am curious what the point cutoff has been recently. I am aware of the point system but am curious as of whether I should apply for the Associate as well due that I have made a couple C's on the point system? Helpppp!
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  3. by   amandakash
    Just apply to everything. From what I hear, all of EKU's nursing programs are top notch anyway. I got into the ABSN, but I don't know what the point cutoffs were or if ours were any different. I was missing one of the pre-requisites but I had all A's in everything else. I applied to the regular BSN as well as a back up but turns out I didn't need it.
  4. by   BigBluemadness
    The cut-off varies from semester to semester, but usually if you have above 10 points you are going to be close. If you get in the 12-13 range you've good good odds. A few C's wont kill you. Or do you already know if you got in?