BCTC selective admissions

  1. What are my chances of being accepted into bluegrass community and technical college RN program? I'll have both my prereqs and coreqs completed so I'll only have the nursing classes to take. What gpa do I need in order to be considered? I plan on applying next year.
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  3. by   EmmaPeel
    Competitive, but it's a great program. I'm applying to the RN and LPN as a backup to bridge into RN. They're only taking 90 students this fall for the RN program. 9-0. There were at least that many people in the pre-nursing conference I went to last week. That's awesome that you got your pre-reqs out of the way. My adviser constantly tells me to take this or that before applying. I'm taking A&P 137 now and she wants me to take microbiology in the summer, so I don't have to take it later,but my brain might explode. It's a combination of GPA and NLN scores that will land us in that pool of 90, so every little bit counts.
  4. by   redfrontier03
    Wish there was a way to find out where you stand in the admissions process.