BCTC Fall of 2016! Anyone else trying??

  1. I have applied for the nursing program with BCTC at the Lawrenceburg location. Is anyone else sitting back and waiting with me?
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  3. by   acollins0242
    I'm waiting as an 'alternate' for Cooper campus. My file status was updated today.
  4. by   Mnich617
    I applied for the Cooper campus program. I got an email saying selections had been made but I don't see it on the website.
  5. by   acollins0242
    It's in the selective admissions website where you check your file status, there should be a green bar at the top that says review or something along those lines.
  6. by   rachely8s
    I am also waiting to hear back from Cooper campus. How did you get an email saying they have made their selections? I did not get that
  7. by   rachely8s
    how did you get an email? I didn't get one :/
  8. by   shanellch1
    I was accepted into the Lawrenceburg campus!
  9. by   shanellch1
    Check your selective admission file status.
  10. by   Mnich617
    It finally showed up for me. I don't know what the problem was yesterday. I was accepted into the Cooper campus program!
  11. by   tnicholeg
    I got accepted into the Lawrenceburg campus!
  12. by   shanellch1
    Quote from tnicholeg
    I got accepted into the Lawrenceburg campus!

  13. by   rachely8s
    Got accepted into cooper campus! Congrats to everyone else!
  14. by   tnicholeg
    Thank you and congrats to you too!

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