Kenosha WI Nursing?

by nzgal nzgal Member Nurse Student

Has 22 years experience.

Hey everyone!

Quick question. I am an LPN that hails from MN and graduated in the midwest. I moved to Houston for a better climate. However I am finding that the job market is very hard down here and the jobs that are down here pay next to nothing with no kind of protection. I have family in Green Bay WI and was considering moving to Kenosha to be right next to Milwaukee and Chicago without the cost of big city living.

Can anyone educate me on what Kenosha is like? I am an LPN with close to five years of experience. I would like to know what pay scale might look like, and also what new grad RN's make as I am making the move back to RN school later this year.

My final question is what does nursing look like in this area. As I graduated in MN and worked there I am used to having staff like a charge nurse, nursing assistants, receptionist to put in new admissions orders. Here in the south we have none of the above. Twelve hour shifts can turn into 14 and 16 hour shifts with charting after.

Not sure if I should take the leap of faith and move back north so need some input.

Thanks everyone!