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Kennesaw State University BSN Fall 2017


Hey you guys! I didn't see a thread for those applying to KSU for the Fall 2017 BSN Cohort, so I decided to make one. The deadline for applications is getting ready to come up and then decisions will hopefully be made shortly after, so I figured we could all be nervous and wait together :). On the other threads, people share their stats so I'll post mine below!

Overall GPA: 3.92

Best 5/7 Math & Science Grades: All A's

Best 7/12 Total Prerequisite Grade: All A's

TEAS Score: 92

Looking forward to interacting with you guys and distracting myself from classwork


I have also applied for the Fall 2017 BSN program at Kennesaw.

Overall GPA: 4.00

TEAS Score 93.3

I am very excited to have finally reached the point where I am eligible to apply. Are you a transfer student? I am a KSU student; however, I have picked up several classes at GSU. I know that nursing admissions is beginning to pull applications together. I was contacted on the day I took the TEAS regarding the whereabouts of my TEAS results. (I did not take the TEAS until January 12.)

Best of luck to you!

YAY YAY YAY for finally submitting your full application! And I am a transfer student; I'm a senior at The University of Georgia graduating in May! It's nice to know that they are pulling applications together; I've just been sitting over here in the dark wondering about what's going on. I wish the application process was a bit more transparent, but each school has their own method of going about things. Have you applied to any other nursing schools?

No. I am a nontraditional student with three children. Kennesaw is the closest to my home so I have been following their track. My second choice would be North Georgia though. I hear they have a really good program as well. Is Kennesaw your first choice, or are you applying elsewhere?

I am finishing up my last two prerequisite classes this semester (world lit and art) and then I am taking the summer off! I have been pecking away at classes since 2012 and I need a breather! I suspect that we should know by April. The email I got was exciting though. When I had orientation at KSU the adviser told our group that the average TEAS score was between 85 -87% and that they accept 80 students per semester.

I applied to UNG as well (the Gainesville campus)! Kennesaw is my top choice right now just because of location, but I've heard good things about UNG's program as well so I wouldn't mind going to either. I've already gotten accepted to Emory's accelerated BSN program starting in the fall this year, but the price difference between Emory and KSU/UNG is just so large I've decided to put Emory on the back burner for now.

And those stats are definitely reassuring! I'm just ready for decisions to be released so I can start planning í ½í¸Š.

For me, I gauge the school based on their NCLEX pass rate. In my mind, the higher the pass rate, the better the school. Of course, it could be reasoned also the more competitive the school, the higher the pass rate as well. KSU has a consistently high NCLEX pass rate. North Georgia I like because it is much smaller. I actually began my school career in Knoxville at a real small school. The class size at KSU was a bit of an adjustment; however, since they took all of my credits and with their average four year pass rate of 94.41%, I decided to stay on their schedule. Here is the website if you are interested in taking a look at Georgia nursing college stats.


Honestly, your competitive is really high so I do not think that getting into any nursing school is going to be an issue for you at all. You should be proud of your scores!

Thanks for the compliment :) and for that link! Kennesaw's pass rates are amazing; their students really know their stuff! Your scores are also very competitive, so hopefully we can be classmates this fall! How is the World Literature class you're taking this spring? I'm taking it this summer, but I really don't like history that much lol


Applying for Fall 2017

Overall GPA 3.59

Math & Sciences 4 A's, 1 B

7/12 All A's

TEAS 87.3

I saw this on another thread but I'm not sure if it really means anything.

"I hope for our sake that the applicant pool is not too large. It's hard to tell this year. I've figured up my competitive score out of 90. I hope it will be enough. I could probably take the TEAS V again if I don't get a seat for Fall. It would be awful to not get in because of one test.

(To calculate :

Total GPA- 20 points (multiply your GPA by 20 then divide by 4)

Top 5/7 - 30 points (math and science GPA only, multiplied by 30 then divide by 4)

Top 7/12-20 points (same as total GPA calculation)

TEAS 20 points - multiply by 20 then divide by 100

This gives you your competitive score"

World Literature really isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I am not much for the "deep-thinker" classes and I am glad that this is my last semester of undergraduate coursework. I like knowing about history, but I do not like dissecting it. The jumping from one subject to another is what makes college work so hard!

I totally agree about the whole dissecting history thing; it's not my thing at all. I'm more of a science person!

Hello everyone. I see this Fall would be very competitive with the stats that are already on the dashboard. Wow!

Hey everyone!

Im applying for Fall 2017 as well. Stats are as follows:

GPA: 3.3

5/7: 4.0

7/12: 4.0

TEAS: 94.7

Hoping this will be enough, but it seems like this semester is very competitive for admission. Good luck everyone!

Hey everyone!

cumulative GPA (I am not sure if they will factor in my graduate level courses as well so this is just undergrad classes): 3.7

5/7 math & scince: 4.0

7/12 prereqs: 4.0

TEAS: 94

Good luck everyone!

Does anyone know if we actually need to send in our old test scores from high school (ACT/SAT)?

I'm applying for fall but I do not think I'm getting in with yalls stats lol. I was waitlisted last semester for not turning in my transcript showing I would be finishing my prereqs even though they've never said anything about turning in a transcript but whatever. Here are my stats

Gpa: 3.83

math/sci: 4as 1b

7/12: all As

teas: 81

I'm hoping since I've been at kennesaw for a while and that I've already taken Pathophysiology at KSU (and got an A) it might be my saving grace but I guess we will see. I also applied to GSU and GGC

What do you mean you were waitlisted for not showing that your pre-reqs would be done? Do we have to send a transcript showing what's in progress?

If you're not finishing your prereqs at ksu then yes. My advisor never told me that so that's awesome. Idk if it'll be different since there's the summer semester between spring and fall whereas the fall and spring were back to back.

Please don't be discouraged by all of the numbers on the board, though, because none of us really know what their criteria is for admission. I suspect that there is more to it than just scores. They probably do look at how far along we are in our undergraduate work. Hopefully, now that won't be an issue for you.

Honestly, admission is kind of like playing the lottery. We really do not know what we are up against. I did wondered about the prerequisites. I have been sending a transcript at the end of every semester that I took at GSU. I am finishing up my last two classes there this semester.

Well thanks for the heads up! I finished my pre reqs last semester, and I didn't know they needed my most updated transcript so I will be getting on that in the morning!