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keep your head up


I just wanted to say to all the new grad nurses to keep your head up high and stay patient with the job hunting because you will find a job, you really will!

I graduated last December from a California nursing school and I just got a job. I knew I wanted to stay in California so I applied to every job that I could within the state. I probably applied to close to 150 jobs. I had four interviews. I was getting stressed and feeling horrible about myself because I could not land a nursing job. My boyfriend kept on reminding me that my time will come for a job that was right for me. Of course, I didn't believe him but he was right.

My fourth interview was the right one. I applied for this job back in May and I had an interview the first week of November (the day before my birthday) and 4 days later, I received the call that we all wait for and want to hear, you got the job! I started the first week of December. I got hired into the unit I wanted too: labor and delivery. And yes, I am still in California.

Keep your head up to all the nurses looking for jobs! Be positive and think positive! You are amazing and you will make an amazing nurse!

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"ssaarraahh" Hi there, Thank you for your words of encouragement and congratulations to your achievements in nursing. I'm sure you will be an influential person in this career. I have a question for you since you graduated at USF. I just applied for Spring 2014 and here are my attributes:

I have a 3.06 GPA overall, I've been emailing with ------ ever since july/august, and also have talked to her on the phone. I thought at first that she was a counselor, and I told her everything about me, school, gpa, work what classes I have taken. I asked her questions like If I should retake Psychology 1 since I got a C, she said no, its fine and just to take an articulation agreement and get an A. So I took Philosophy 2 and got an A. Then I found out that she was the director of admissions for nursing specifically. I ran every step past her, even the fact that I have 2 C's in science. She said its okay, as long as my essay is strong. Thankfully I'm a writer and feel strong about it. I included in my essay that I sponsor a 5 year old child in Ethiopia through World Vision, a non profit Christian organization. Through World Vision we run half marathons and raise money for clean water in Africa. I also wrote about my journey and how I started writing a book about the social distractions within our generation through the lenses of faith in the good of people. My letter of recommendation is from an Author, whom I met at a retreat as she was keynote speaker. Along with a letter from my speech teacher. I ran my recommenders past ---- as well and she asked me of my relationship with the author and our interactions. I let her know that we email each other, and she is a mentor for me. My GPA is not strong, but I have specifically asked -----about that and she said that as long as my essay and letters of recommendations are strong then I am in fair game.

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You sound like a very strong applicant. I believe my GPA was around a 3.3 when I got accepted into USF. I also had a 'c' in my prerequisites; mine in microbiology. And my letter of recommendation was from a doctor.

Spring is easier to get into the nursing school than fall semester. I cannot tell you whether you will get in, but I sure hope you do! USF is a great nursing school.

Best of luck to you!


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Congratulations! As a new grad in CA with no luck so far, I find your post very encouraging!

What did you do to pass the time and to keep your spirits up while you searched?

Thank you.. I am absolutely going wild waiting for the decisions. But I know I can only prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

I didnt realize you replied to my post until now. May I ask, what were your other qualifications when you applied? Also do you know how many people they accepted during the time you were?

I'll definitely let you know when I find out

You realy encouraging (sarah and rose) , i am a male nurse in my final year of bsc nursing, im from africa and ive done my bsc from india. Its now been about 2 year thinking where im i goin to fall after my sturdies.. your words are encouraging and atleast am ready to play it cool and to be patient

Thanks again for your encouragemate.