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by Ameera1929 Ameera1929 (New) New Pre-Student

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Hi if anyone can help I have a few questions. I plan to take Sci 25 in Spring 2020. What month is the ATI offered(if theres a specific month). Do KBCC offer ATI tutoring? For the people already in the Nursing program, I know you can take Nur 17 and 18 together, but what other classes can you take together? Can you take Nur 21,22 and 20 together? I ask because I have all my pre requisites as far as BIO, ENG, PYS, SOC, etc, so I want to have an idea of what my semester would look like and how long it would take to complete(not saying I want to rush it). Also where is the clinicals being done (off campus classes)? How many people are in your nursing classes? Are the professors good? Which do you recommend? Any details would help. Thank you in advance 🙂 

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