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KAPLAN SCORES- Test in two days, thoughts please!



Q1- 66%


Q4- 66%

Q6- 76%- Took today

Sample test 1 66%

Sample test 2 62%

Sample test 3 80%

Sample test 4 32%

I have taken 6 Qbank exams that average a 64% with many 75 questions each and the lowst exam only had 50 questions.

Almost 75% done with the Qbank and have a 62% average there.

Am I ready/ have a chance?

Your scores look good! Just make sure you read the rationale and understand why you got the answer if it was right or wrong.

AlwaysLearning247, BSN

Has 6 years experience.

Those scores sound great. I ranged from about 55%-80% when I did the Kaplan Qbank and passed on the first try. Good luck :)