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Kaplan Question Trainers

Hello All,

I am currently preparing for NLCEX-RN. I have attended the Hurst live review classes and now I have finished the first day of Kaplan's live class. I did the diagnostic exam and the Question Trainer 1 tests. My results with both are a 56%. I am SCARED!!! The instructor said we were doing good if we get at least a 60% and above on these exams. I want to know if these scores mean anything or what? My anxiety level is really high right about now. I do not have an NCLEX date in sight due to some mandatory requirements I have to complete with my nursing program...which is getting in the way of truly studying. Anyway, I am asking for feedback. Thanks!

I got high 50's and 60's on my trainer questions and I just passed my boards :) I would review all the rationales, even the ones you got correct. It helps you understand why you got ones wrong and vice versa. Good luck!


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