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Kaplan and NCSBN NCLEX

Hello All!

I am a Canadian graduate, I finished my program in April and my NCLEX is booked for June 23. I used the NCSBN program as my main study tool. I completed the very lengthy content portion of the program and JUST finished the question bank - my average for the question bank was 66%. I understand that their passing standard is 75%.. how did others compared to this score on the Qbanks? My scores are very hit and miss - anywhere from 40 to 90 depending on the bank.

Additionally, I purchased the kaplan Qbank for one month. My average so far on this is 55, but I'm nowhere near done. I am basically set for questions, but would like to take a "predictor exam" - do any programs sell this separately? Maybe I don't really need it - I'd just really like to know where I stand!!

I am also set to do a practice exam with Kaplan which is scheduled for a certain date and time (June 18).. It was free, just not sure what it entails.. Has anyone done something similar to this? Whats it like?

Sorry, I posted this to both the General Nursing and NCLEX forums.. trying to delete this one but I guess I cant?


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