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Kaplan Entrance Exam

cfino cfino (New) New

Has anyone had to take the Kaplan Nursing School Entrance exam? The Universtiy I have applied to requires it but I am not local. They have told me I need to find a way to take it remotely but don't have any information on how to do that. I cannot proctor it because it is a computer based test. Every local place I have talked to only offers TEAS or HESI. I have tried calling Kaplan since it is their exam but they had no information about it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance.

You can proctor anything. If you have an exam they can email someone at your local CC it can be proctored. If they dont know how to do that, I would think twice about attending them. Its not that complicated. My dh did all of his schooling online and proctored his final comprehensive exam, they just emailed it to the proctoring office at our local Comm. College and he took it there. No problems!

I'm sorry I should have mentioned, it cannot be proctored because it is a computerized entrance exam same as TEAS.

Can you go to your local Kaplan and do it?