park university

  1. is there anyone out there that has attended park university that can give any info on how good it is and any other info thank so much.
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  3. by   DelanaRN
    I don't have any information on Park really. What would you like to know? I have applied for the upcoming year but doubt I will get in. I know only about 1 in 15 do get accepted each year as they only take the highest 40 scored of all that test to get in.

    I have got in 2 of my 3 letters of recommendation and scheduled my entrance exam for mid May. My application and Financial Aid online form have been submitted. I have done most of the steps in the admitting process....just waiting for the entrance exam and then hoping to hear something good the first week in June. If I don't get in, then I guess I will try again next year, or take pre-reqs for the RN program elsewhere. I haven't really decided yet.