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  1. I need to take microbiology lab this summer in order to apply to the nursing program I am interested in, only problem is I can't manage to go four days a week due to my crazy work schedule. I know Edukan offers a five credit micro that would work but I have already taken the theory portion I would rather not repeat it. Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   GonnaBSN
    KCK Community College offers Microbiology Lab online. You should probably reach out to the department and let them know you need JUST the lab. Otherwise, I'm afraid they might automatically withdraw you

    Good luck! I will be taking that in the fall. Please let me know how it goes and where you end up taking.
  4. by   heathert_kc
    That is actually the course I am taking now at KCKCC, unfortunately it is just the 3.0 credit hour lecture, no lab. I need a total of 5 lab and lecture. It has been okay, not as difficult as I thought. I am just finishing up with it now hoping to pull out an A.