NICU positions for new grads

  1. I am currently working as an LNP at the Johnson County Jail in Olathe. My dream job is to work at Children's Mercy in their NICU. I have heard from many people that it is very hard to get in there. I graduate with my RN this December. I plan to go on to get my BSN after I graduate.

    My questions for you are:
    1. Do you have to have a BSN in order to work in CMH nicu?
    2. Is it truly that hard to get into CMH?
    3. Do you have to have a BSN to work in any nicu?
    4. Are there any other nicus you may recommend?

    Thank you SO much!
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  3. by   dirtyhippiegirl
    For what it's worth, CMH is on the Missouri side so different license stuff.

    It's my understanding that they only hire BSNs in new-grad positions for their ICUs.
    CMH can be hard to get in to. They have something like a three-tiered interview process that starts in December for spring grads. It is my understanding that they do like to hire their own UAPs even over people who get practicum placements there.

    You might try Overland Park (level 3 NICU) or Shawnee Mission. (Don't know what level but I hear it's beautiful!) KU only hires BSNs.