Job Opportunities, and PAY!!!

  1. Ok as you guys all know I passed my CNA State Exam, and I'm looking into applying at a hospital KU, and Shawnee Mission Medical being a few of them. does anyone know what the pay rate at any of these hospitals are for CNA's, thanx guys!!!
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  3. by   29deba
    I think it all depend on experience, I know of a friend that works at KU med with 9years experience she started with $12.50, 2weeks ago.
    She love working there now because there are a lot of opportunities.
    Good luck
  4. by   LadyBug0387
    Thanks faith !!!!
  5. by   sarahuh
    KU med, when I did my clinical rotation there, was a very cool place to be. I think that teaching hospitals are always a good place to be, because they know how to deal with students and provide more learning oppertunities. I also have a couple friends that work there, and if I was starting as a CNA now, and hadn't worked on my floor at my job for over 2 years, I would deffinatley drive the extra 20 mintues from my house to work there. I don't know exactly what the pay is, but in acute care settings, you typicaly make anywhere from 9-11 /hr to start out. sometimes more in longterm care settings.