JCCC RN/ADN program for fall 2007

  1. Has anyone else applied for JCCC's RN program starting fall 2007?
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  3. by   KnarfKS
    I just graduated from there last may. Unfortunately for you one of the best instructors is retiring after this year. There are still plenty of good instructors there though. If you do get in I would also suggest going on the Las Pintas trip.
    I had the credits and prereq's to go to a bachelor's program, but I'm glad i went through the JCCC program instead.
  4. by   SweetLife
    What is the Las Pintas trip?
  5. by   tetitto
    Quote from SweetLife
    What is the Las Pintas trip?
    It is a Mission Trip where nursing students go to a small town in mexico ( guadalajara, jalisco). Usually they spend a week or two offering nursing services, in the prevention as well as community services. Thsi small town in located in a safe low income area ( sort of a rural area).
    You as nursing student get a lot of hands-on experience. I think I will volunteer this year as health interpreter. English -Spanish
  6. by   SweetLife
    That sounds like a very fulfilling trip. I would love to go. Hopefully I will be accepted into the program and have a chance to go.

    Thank you