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  1. I have a few questions to ask about the JCCC nursing program. First I'll explain what I have done so far. I have all the prerequisites done, I have a 3.2 almost 3.3 GPA in the nursing courses. I have worked as an administrative medical assistant, also volunteered in the community through charities. I have a CNA (active) and CMA (no longer active), and CPR. I will graduate from JCCC this fall with three associates as well. I took the ACT 2 years ago, but I did not put my all into it, with this I got a 22 on the science, and composite of 18 for the total. I am willing to retake it... as I know I will do better this time. My first question is, should I retake the ACT or do you think the science score of 22 will be of no issue with the considerations of my GPA, as well as being a JCCC resident? Second question, based off of my information above do you think I have a chance? Third, best advice during the interviewing process, any questions to look out for or be more prepared for?
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    I am fairly new to this forum and only just set up an account. It's a little late for a response to this now, I suppose.

    Did you end up applying? If not, are you still considering applying?