Anyone licensed in KS as an RN after graduating from Excelsior?

  1. Just wondering if anyone has been licensed in Kansas after graduating from Excelsior's LPN- to RN program? I was licensed as an LPN in North Carolina and soon afterwards started with Excelsior for my RN. The program was widely accepted on the east coast but after moving to Kansas I have heard that I probably won't be able to be licensed as an RN in KS because the board wants you to actually perform clinicals with an instructor and not just being tested on clinicals. Some people say there is probably a way around it...I wish I knew. I have tried contacting the board licensing division but can never reach a live voice and no one returns my calls. I have emailed and again no replies....So if there is anyone out there that has any info please let me know.
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  3. by   caliotter3
    I went to the website of the Kansas Board of Nursing and found the info you are looking for at the bottom of the page under FYI. It is the last item, something like nurses enrolled in Excelsior College prior to February 16, 2005. The document clearly states that persons need to complete a clinical program or endorse a license into Kansas after working a minimum of 1000 hours elsewhere. Apparently Kansas changed their policy toward EC in 2005.
  4. by   newberry2805
    Thank you for finding the info. I had browsed the site but never would have thought to look under FYI....
  5. by   ivanh3
    Hey, I went to that link and now it does not take you anywhere. I am very likely moving to Kansas. I was enrolled in EC before 2005 (I graduated in 2005), and I have well over 1000 hours (aprox 5000 or so). Any other links/info available?