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  1. I am almost 42, I do have some general ed , that I have been slowly getting through fhsu online. I am weighing which direction to go. ASN, BSN. now I am interested in accelerated. ANy one with information about schools around the KC Metro area or Lawrence, KS . ALso how does that work with licensing in KS and Missouri, do you have to obtain both?

    Thank you for your help , this is the best sight I have found for information. I was really thinking about KCKCC, however the reviews on here have not been positive. I will take the few science classes thorugh there as of now. The rest is to be decided

    , Thumbs up on nurses, you are the best.
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  3. by   LLLovely
    The program at Research Hospital/Rockhurst is good. They do have an accelerated option and the hospital offers a tuition grant for a work contract.

    Of course, they are on the MO side, but since they're private, it shouldn't make much of a difference. The counselor is very, very knowledgable about classes from all local and larger regional schools and how the transfer into the program.