Kaiser's Flagship Los Angeles Hospital, RNs Vote by Nearly 70% to Join California Nurses A

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In the final tally, 696 LAMC RNs voted for CNA, nearly 70 percent, far outpacing both the United Nurses Associations of California (UNAC/AFSCME) 305 votes, 30 percent, and the one vote for no union. The National Labor Relations Board conducted the secret ballot election.

Hundreds of LAMC RNs, clad in CNA's signature red scrubs and shirts, cheered and wept with joy at the vote count, many breaking into song as the results were tallied...

... "Kaiser RNs have made CNA and NNU the most effective voice for nurses in California and the U.S.," said Zenei Cortez, a Kaiser Northern California RN, co-president of CNA, and chair of the Kaiser RN negotiating team. "CNA has provided us the ability to achieve our dreams for our patients, our families, and our co-workers. With LAMC RNs joining us, we have a historic opportunity to build on those gains and dreams."...


LAMC RNs celebrate election victory Thursday night