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I am new to the Juvenile Justice/detention setting, working in a supervisory/director role and looking for some input from anywhere else really about how things are done within your facility. I am currently reviewing the assessment that was created for our new grad transition program and feel like it is...excessive...to say the least. The packet is labeled as an advance practice (NP/PA) assessment. I was told that this is because we do not have a provider on site everyday. While I agree we need great assessment skills, I am wondering how much assessment is too much? What are we do to with the data that is collected that is diagnostic in nature (ie: performing a memory exam on a healthy kiddo or having them complete diagnostic neuro packets?) In my head, the MD would ask for this to be done, if warranted, when they do their physical exam. Maybe I am wrong and I am okay with that, I'd just like to understand why the nurse would spend 45 min to 1 hour on a neurological exam of a healthy child upon admission? The head to toe would be an all day affair at that rate! 


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